Lee Kaeun Announces Her First Album Project Since “PRODUCE48”

It’s been a year since her last promotions!

Lee Kaeun, former member of After Schoolwill finally be making a promotion as an artist since appearing on PRODUCE48. It’s been a year since she was eliminated from the final line up for IZ*ONE.

After leaving Pledis Entertainment, she hadn’t made any comeback promotions as an artist. But her fans won’t need to wait no more as she’s revealed to be taking part in a special album project!

Kaeun is one of the 9 musicians that are taking part in the upcoming project, called “PROJECT10”. The project album aims to create opportunities for musicians to transcend their musical realm and genre and challenge a new route that they’ve never done before.

The 9 artists create their own rendition of other musicians’ songs or releasing a brand new song.

The creator of the project revealed why he chose Lee Kaeun to take part, and expressed how grateful he was of her love for music.

I started the project for people who love music.

Lee Kaeun loves music, and she captured the public with her deep sincerity. I’m thankful that she took part in this meaningful project.

Please look forward to how Lee Kaeun will rearrange a legendary song with her charismatic vocals.

— Park Kyung Don

“PROJECT10” will drop on 26th, marking Lee Kaeun’s first comeback as a musician in a year!

Source: Xports News