After School’s Kaeun Cries While Talking About How She Ended Up On “Produce 48”

Upon hearing what happened, fans now hope only the best for Kaeun.

It isn’t easy for fans to see K-Pop idols cry, especially when it’s about their not-so-easy careers. When After School‘s Kaeun interviewed on Produce 48, she broke a thousand hearts with her tears.


Kaeun didn’t see the possibility, but still “waited for After School’s comeback.” When it didn’t happen, she decided to try out for Produce 48 for a second chance.

“My last promotion with After School was in 2013. Since then, five years passed and I realized the comeback is probably not going to happen.” — Kaeun


She tried to stay happy while she was away from the spotlight.

“While I wasn’t promoting, I stayed bright. I thought I was okay. As time went on, I realized I wasn’t okay at all.” — Kaeun


The hiatus took a toll on her mentality. She watched Produce 101‘s first season and thought had she not debuted with After School, she could have gone on the show and won.

“I saw the other trainees from my agency on the show, making something of themselves. I thought only if I hadn’t debuted, I could have been there with them.” — Kaeun


Kaeun didn’t understand why she, a debuted K-Pop idol, was sitting at home watching the trainees hard at work.


She admitted that she felt stuck.

“I was really frustrated. If I hadn’t even started, I could have considered the whole thing as turning over a new leaf… but I felt like I don’t even get a second chance.” — Kaeun


Produce 48, now receiving all the attention as one of the more likely trainees to win her way up to the finalists’ group. Check out her first performance on the show, covering Camila Cabello’s “Havana”.