Lee Kwang Soo Makes An Irreversible Mistake On “Amazing Saturday” And Has The Funniest Reaction To His Own Doom

“Oh, sh—,” he said, with cold sweat dripping down his back.

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During a round of the well-loved song-guessing game in the latest episode of Amazing Saturday, actor Lee Kwang Soo completely blanked…

Actor Lee Kwang Soo on “Amazing Saturday.” | @amazingsat_official/Instagram

…and viewers can’t get enough of his hilarious reaction, realizing how he “f*cked up big time!” 

When the song began playing, Lee Kwang Soo stood puzzled.

Even when the host, Boom, subtly hinted at how the song is about “forgetting about life over a drink,” Lee Kwang Soo couldn’t get himself to answer.

Boom: Here’s a clue. The stars of this show have been on Amazing Saturday before. You know this show, Shin Dong Yeop. You loved it when they visited.

Key: Yeah, you said you thoroughly enjoyed watching this one.

Boom: That’s right. You even said the show should have happened sooner. It made you really happy.

Soon, his competitor Shin Dong Yeop guessed it to be “Dreamer,” a soundtrack sung by none other than actress Lee Sun Bin—Lee Kwang Soo’s girlfriend of four years.

I know! It’s from Work Later, Drink Now!

— Shin Dong Yeop

The actress not only recorded the soundtrack but also starred in the K-Drama Work Later, Drink Now featuring the soundtrack.

Actress Lee Sun Bin’s “Dreamer” for “Work Later, Drink Now.” | @CJTVING/Facebook

Taking the point, Shin Dong Yeop poked fun at Lee Kwang Soo and commented, “[he] really should have known” the answer.

Realizing he failed to recognize his girlfriend’s voice (on one of Lee Sun Bin’s favorite television shows, too),  Lee Kwang Soo let out a brief, “Oh sh—”, with a look of horror clouding over his face!

Lee Kwang Soo: Oh, sh—! So that’s how I know this song…

Shin Dong Yeop: You really should have known this one.

While Lee Kwang Soo immediately kicked into damage control mode…

I swear I knew it. Of course, I know this song!

— Lee Kwang Soo

…his Amazing Saturday co-stars continued to tease him, worrying if “things are going to be okay.”

Park Na Rae: Hold on, Boom. Is this going to be okay?

Nucksal: Will he be all right?

Hanhae: I’m kind of worried.

Boom: You know who sang this song, right?

Lee Kwang Soo: Uh-huh.

Taeyeon: How could you do this to her?!

Seolhyun: Wooow!

Lee Kwang Soo: No, I know this song. I do!

Seolhyun: This isn’t even about me and I feel disappointed!


Amazing Saturday viewers also got a good laugh out of Lee Kwang Soo’s priceless reaction to his “impending doom.” And, while wishing him good luck, praised how adorable and solid his relationship with Lee Sun Bin is!

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