Actor Lee Kwang Soo Bids Goodbye To “Running Man” Team After 11 Years On The Show

“He has decided to take some time off and prioritize his recovery.”

Actor Lee Kwang Soo announced that he will be leaving the SBS TV program Running Man on which he appeared for the past 11 years. Lee Kwang Soo’s agency, KINGKONG by STARSHIP, shared in an official statement that his last shoot will be held May 24, 2021 KST.

Actor Lee Kwang Soo | @masijacoke850714/Instagram

The agency also noted that the decision came after a long and thoughtful discussion with the other Running Man team members and the production staff. According to the statement, Lee Kwang Soo will then focus on fully recovering from the ankle injury he suffered from a car accident in 2020.

Hello, this is KINGKONG by STARSHIP. Actor Lee Kwang Soo will withdraw from SBS’s Running Man, with the May 24 Monday shoot being his last.

Last year, Lee Kwang Soo suffered severe ankle injuries from a car accident. He has been receiving physical therapy since, but he inevitably faced difficulties with maintaining top condition for the shoots. Therefore, immediately following the accident, we have continued to openly communicate with Lee Kwang Soo and the other Running Man members and production team. After a long and thoughtful discussion, Lee Kwang Soo has decided to take some time off and prioritize his recovery.

The decision has not been easy to make, as Lee Kwang Soo remained a part of this close-knit, family-like team for the past 11 years. He, however, knows that he needs this time to focus on healing — so that he can return to the screens in a better state when the time comes.

We greatly appreciate the love and support you’ve sent his way during his time on Running Man. He promises to come back healthier and happier. Thank you.


Running Man fans wish Lee Kwang Soo all the best, though they will dearly miss Lee Kwang Soo’s hilarious antics!

Source: MyDaily

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