Lee Kwang Soo’s Idol Lookalike Has Landed In Korea And Wishes To Meet Lee Kwang Soo During His Visit

Is it finally happening???

Earlier this year, a trainee on a Chinese survival program, We Are Young gained massive attention online for looking just like Lee Kwang Soo.

Well, he’s actually YC of the popular Chinese group, C.T.O, and he has landed in Korea.

| @yuchingxx/Instagram

He announced his arrival in Korea on his official Instagram account, and he even revealed his desire to meet Lee Kwang Soo in person.

I’m finally in Korea. My wish is to meet my Asia Prince sunbae, Lee Kwang Soo.

— YC

| @yuchingxx/Instagram

The idol group, C.T.O arrived in Korea earlier this month in order to appear on a Korean reality program.

After self-isolating for 2 weeks, the group is currently filming in Seoul while following social distancing guidelines.

Following the exciting news, fans are expressing their hope that YC’s wish actually comes true in comments such as “I’m looking forward to seeing 2 Kwang Soo’s at once” and “Will we be able to see the 2 brothers together?

When their resemblance went viral earlier this year, even Lee Kwang Soo himself acknowledged it on Running Man.

Yeah, he looks just like me.

— Lee Kwang Soo

So there’s much anticipation for the two to finally meet now that YC is in Korea.

Source: Insight
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