Lee Kwang Soo returning to television drama with SBS’s one-act play, “Puck!”

Since his successful role in the SBS hit drama It’s Okay, That’s Love in 2014, Lee Kwang Soo will be taking up his first television role in a year.

On October 15th, his agency King Kong Entertainment confirmed that he will indeed be taking up a new role. They revealed, “Lee Kwang Soo will be playing the role of Jo Joon Man in the SBS one-act play ‘Puck!’.”

The one-act play is based off a novel of the same name that focuses on a young student who finds hope after taking up ice hockey when he enters university. Jo Joon Man’s transformation into a hockey player will bring about deep emotion and laughter.

Puck! is set to air in early November.

Source: OSEN