“Can He Please Take Better Photos Of Her” — This Celebrity Couple’s “Lovestagram” Might Be The Only One Korean Netizens Aren’t Mad At

The inequality in photo quality.

Actor Lee Kyu Han and BB GirlsYujeong recently admitted to dating. Thanks to the public acknowledgement, they were able to uploadlovestagrams” without a care for the world!

The two uploaded photos of themselves at the same location, at around the same time, leading to speculation that they went on a trip together. What left netizens in ire was the “inequality” between the two photos. Yujeong took an amazing photo of him, bringing out the full potential of the infinity pool as a backdrop.

| @leeqja/Instagram

On the other hand, netizens felt that the photos he took of Yujeong made her look like she was steaming in a hot tub instead.

| @braveg_yj/Instagram

He couldn’t even match the angle of the picture correctly! Look at how the horizon is slanted.

| @braveg_yj/Instagram

Far from being critical or displeased at the two, netizens took it humorously, poking fun at Lee Kyu Han’s dismal photo-taking skills.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • The angle of his photos is being called out too. It’s tilted LOL.
  • FR, one of them looks like an infinity pool, and the other a bath house bathtub.
  • Lee Kyu Han, please go learn how to take photos from Hyun Bin.
  • No, but the photos taken of Lee Kyu Han sure is a work of art.
  • Only the guy got his best shot ever LOL. How funny.
  • The angle of the photo LOL.
  • Bodies are insane.
  • Lee Kyu Han, when taking photos, you need to make sure it’s parallel and don’t take photos from too high up.
  • He’s the only one who got a great shot LOL. No, but look at how Yujeong’s face is stretched out.

Yujeong’s natural beauty definitely carried this one! Looks like it’s back to the “Insta-boyfriend” manual for Lee Kyu Han. On the other hand, read about Hyun Bin’s perfect IG-husband skills below.

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Source: Theqoo