Lee Min Ho donates 100 million won towards Nepal disaster relief under fan club name

Many Korean celebrities have shown their continuous support of the Nepal disaster victims by donating large sums of money to aid them, including actor Lee Min Ho.

According to reports, Lee Min Ho has donated 100 million won, or $92,500 USD, to the Korean Committee of UNICEF to aid the victims of the disaster earthquake in Nepal.

The actor’s agency confirmed the new on May 4th, further revealing that the act of donation was done under the name of his fan club Minoz.

The official continued, “Donating under his fan club’s name was a decision made to reciprocate the love he has always received from fans for the longest time. He hopes that the suffering the people have suffered due to this unexpected calamity will recover even a day sooner.”

The Korean Committee of UNICEF has already received and sent $1 million dollars to aid the victims in Nepal.

Source: Sports Donga