Lee Min Ho’s Long-Time Bestie Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung Will Be Releasing a New OST for “The King”

Lee Min Ho has been close friends with the OST queen since his “Boys Over Flowers” days.

The King: Eternal Monarch just announced that Davichi‘s OST for the drama called “Please Don’t Cry” will be released on May 3.

“Please Don’t Cry” is a song that will combine calm piano instrumentals with Davichi’s signature harmony.

As the “OST queens”, it is expected that Davichi’s new OST will complement the romance of Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun‘s characters.

What’s making this news gain particular interest is the fact that Lee Min Ho and Kang Min Kyung are such close friends that they were even wrapped up in dating rumors.

Before Kang Min Kyung even debuted with Davichi, Lee Min Ho even talked about her in an interview during his Boys Over Flowers days.

I’ve been very close friends with Kang Min Kyung ever since we were little. Her entire album is amazing.

– Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho even added that he intended to set his social media background music to one of her songs.

As such, fans who heard the news of Davichi’s OST for The King are responding with comments such as “We support your friendship!“, “I’m excited about Davichi’s OST“, and “I want to hear it as soon as possible“.

Source: Insight