[★BREAKING] Lee Min Ho Officially Confirms Military Enlistment

Lee Min Ho has officially confirmed that he will be enlisting in the army in less than 4 weeks.

Insiders first leaked that Lee Min Ho will begin his mandatory military service on May 12, serving as a social worker in Gangnam. Lee Min Ho and his agency have now confirmed the news.

Lee Min Ho’s status as a social service worker stems from his injuries suffered from a serious car accident with Jung Il Woo in 2006. He had to get a metal rod inserted into his leg and also fractured his ankle.

Lee Min Ho’s agency, MYM Entertainment has made an official statement confirming the enlistment date and details.

“The enlistment date for Lee Min Ho was confirmed today. It is true that he will be starting his military service on May 12 in Gangnam as a social service worker.”

— MYM Entertainment

Earlier in the year, it was reported that Lee Min Ho would be enlisting in March or April, but his agency denied this by saying they had not received his enlistment letter. It seems like the letter has now arrived, and Lee Min Ho will be serving his mandatory 2 years.

Due to an existing military regulation that applies to Lee Min Ho, he will first serve as a social service worker starting May 12. He will not go to boot camp training immediately.

Source: Sports Chosun, and Star News