Lee Min Jung And Lee Byung Hun Actually Broke Up For 3 Years Before They Got Married

It wasn’t always a smooth ride.

In a recent episode of JTBC‘s Gamsung Camping, actress, Lee Min Jung told the story of how she first met her husband, Lee Byung Hun, dated for a year, before breaking up for 3 years.

On the show, Lee Min Jung confessed that she first dated Lee Byung Hun back when she was 25 and launching her career as an actress, but that it soon came to an end.

We dated for about a year, but Byung Hun had to film for a long time abroad, and I was focused on launching my career. So he said, ‘You’re not ready to get married, right?’ and we stopped seeing each other.

— Lee Min Jung

At the time, she expected to go their separate ways, but Lee Byung Hun reached out to her 3 years later, sparking their relationship once more.

When Byung Hun was filming abroad, he called me and asked to meet up once he got back to Korea. Ever since we met again 3 years later, we immediately started dating again.

— Lee Min Jung

She ultimately married Lee Byung Hun in 2013.

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But Lee Min Jung confessed that the marriage came late mainly because of her ambition as an actress.

To be honest, I postponed our marriage a lot. I kept wanting to work on one more project, and at the time, Byung Hun told me just to decide if I wanted to marry him or not. And that if I wanted to, he would wait.

— Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung even dished about what made her decide to marry Lee Byung Hun.

I didn’t think I’d meet someone I liked as much ever again, but I liked working. Still, I made a decision. If I didn’t get married back then, I don’t think I ever would’ve done it.

— Lee Min Sung

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