Actress Lee Min Jung Praises Her Husband, Lee Byung Hun For His Dedication To The Family

Their son must be so lucky!

In a recent interview, actress Lee Min Jung talked about her family as well as her role as a daughter, daughter-in-law, wife and mother.

Lee Min Jung first shared that although she often keeps in contact with her parents, she does not share every thing on her mind with her mother. On the other hand, she often confides her worries in her mother-in-law, claiming that her mother-in-law is incredibly supportive of her career. In fact, her most recent acting role was for a woman that often got into spats with her mother-in-law, something Lee Min Jung felt she could not relate to due to her great relationship with her own mother-in-law!

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On her husband, Hollywood actor Lee Byung Hun, Lee Min Jung shared that he was her number one supporter. As he is also an actor, he would watch her dramas and give her good advice. She also shared that he tries to reduce her anxiety as a mother, often caring for their son when she is unable to. When she is actively filming for her dramas, he would be the primary caregiver, even spending extra time to play with their son.

Lee Min Jung proved just how dedicated of a mother she is, as she shared that when filming were in the Gangnam area, she would rush home to have lunch with her son rather than eat on set.

Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun tied the knot in 2013, giving birth to a son in 2015. 2020 marks their 7th anniversary.

Source: Star Today