Matriarch Of Korean Air Accused Of Abusing Her Filipino Housekeeper

Recordings served as proof.

Lee Myung Hee, the wife of the chairman of Korean Air and Hanjin Group and mother of the “nut rage” heiress and “water rage” executive, has been accused of abusing her Filipino housemaid.

A Filipino housekeeper who used to work at the matriarch’s home revealed a recording that she recorded herself in 2015.


In the recording, Lee Myung Hee shouted at the housekeeper using abusive language for 15 long minutes for not bringing her clothes. She said things like “You should’ve brought it to me before I left,” “I’m going to kill you, you little b***h,” and “You f***ing b***h.”


A baby began crying after hearing her shouts but this did not stop her from continuing her tantrum: “F***ing piece of sh*t, I’m going to kill you all! You f***ing b***h. Die, you worthless piece of sh*t!”


The abuse continued without regard to the presence of the children of the “nut rage” heiress, Cho Hyun Ah, who were also inside the home at the time.


She continued to curse at the housekeeper even after numerous apologies and even demanded that she housekeeper kneel before her.


The Filipino housekeeper has revealed her intent on reporting Lee Myung Hee to the embassy. In response, the Korean Air matriarch stated that she has a habit of losing control of her anger, but that she had taken very good care of her housekeeper otherwise.


Meanwhile, Lee Myung Hee will be facing court for illegal employment of a Filipino housekeeper. Listen to the recording below:

Source: Dispatch