Lee Nak Yon Of The Democratic Party Of Korea Questions If BTS Will Actually Benefit From Military Privileges

He revealed his stance on BTS and their mandatory military service.

Chairman Lee Nak Yon of the Democratic Party Of Korea raised the issue of BTS and military privileges as well as his views on how the matter should be approached.

At a recent meeting, Chairman Lee Nak Yon expressed that he feels cautious about the topic.

I feel cautious about it because we don’t know how the public will respond to it, and I’m not sure if the political community is raising the issue first when BTS themselves don’t want it.

— Lee Nak Yon

He also explained how he thinks BTS serving in the military as originally planned could actually be good for the country.

If BTS ends up serving in the military as planned, their activities can elevate the status of our country even further, and they can take on the role of sending out messages of hope.

— Lee Nak Yon

Chairman Lee Nak Yon isn’t suggesting that BTS should serve normally whether the bill is passed or not, but rather that politicians shouldn’t get in the way of BTS’s actual wishes.

I don’t want the issue of BTS and their military service to flow in the direction of where the politicians want it to go.

— Lee Nak Yon

He concluded,

I hope the matter gets settled not on the level of the politicians, but by the members themselves or the culture and art world.

— Lee Nak Yon

Source: Dispatch