Rising Actress Reportedly Has Been Married For 5 Years

Did you know?!

Actress Lee Sang Hee reportedly has been married for 5 years.

Lee Sang Hee | Naver

On May 8, Xports News reported that Lee Sang Hee had gotten married 5 years ago. According to the media outlet, the actress’s husband is someone who works in the entertainment industry.

The news follows Lee Sang Hee’s surprise announcement during the 2024 Baeksang Art Awards. After winning the award for Best Supporting Actor, the actress thanked her husband.

And I really wanted to say this: Jinyong! Thank you for marrying me. I’ve become a better person because of you.

— Lee Sang Hee

The actress’s speech has since gone viral. You can watch her full acceptance speech in the link below.

Source: xports news
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