Here’s Why Lee Sang Yeob Shivered And Dripped In Sweat During His Kiss Scenes With Lee Min Jung

That’s a lot of pressure.

On the first episode of tvN‘s The Sixth Sense, actor, Lee Sang Yeob appeared as one of the cast members and shared a behind-the-scenes story about his kiss scenes with actress, Lee Min Jung in KBS‘s Once Again.

As expected from the great Yoo Jae Suk, he asked Lee Sang Yeob the hard questions.

You must have some kiss scenes with Lee Min Jung. Do you think her husband, Lee Byung Hun is watching?

— Yoo Jae Suk

And Lee Sang Yeob confessed that he shivers and drips in sweat every time he thinks about it.

I heard Lee Byung Hun monitors the scenes sometimes. I shiver and drip in sweat every time I think about it.

— Lee Sang Yeob

So Oh Na Ra offered a hilarious solution.

Every time you have to kiss her, you should call Lee Byung Hun and get his permission by telling him, ‘We’re going to kiss now.’

— Oh Na Ra

Whether or not Lee Sang Yeob will use that method is up to him, but there must be a lot of pressure knowing Lee Byung Hun might be watching.

But the man’s just doing his job!

KBS “Once Again”

Once Again is currently airing on KBS.

Source: Dispatch