Lee Seowon’s Smiley Court Appearance Gives Netizens Chills

Netizens are absolutely spooked!

Back in May, Lee Seo Won was accused of sexually harassing a female celebrity and threatening another with a knife. On July 12, he had his first trial and pled guilty to the charges. Although he may have pled guilty, netizens were seriously freaked out by certain pictures of the actor.


On his way into court, photos were snapped of the actor. While some of them show the more serious side of his situation, there were also some pictures that immediately sent a chill running down netizens’ spines.


In the photos, Lee Seo Won is grinning from ear to ear and everyone started to think that the actor was either a little bit crazy…

  • “Looks like he’s on his way to Music Bankㅋㅋㅋㅋ He’s seriously a freak.”

  • “He’s making eye contact with every journalist, scary…”

  • “He thinks it’s the right time to laugh with the situation he’s into?”

  • “This is not normal…He looks like a psycho!”


Or he knew something that everyone else didn’t!

  • “He’s probably smiling like this because he thought that he would be released right awayㅋㅋㅋ”

  • “Does he have some sort of connections? I have a relative who is pretty high placed in society and he got caught doing something illegal and even went to trial. But before going to trial, he already had everyone on his side. So I’m sure there’s a reason he’s acting like this. Looks like he has connections?”

  • “Does he think he’s going to be released soon so he’s laughing like that? It’s really creepy.”

  • “He’s probably got some connections and knows he’s going to get out soon.”


Regardless of the smile, Lee Seo Won would later plead guilty to the charges. But that smile has had a serious impact on netizens, who can’t stop themselves from thinking his smile was absolutely chilling!

Source: Pann Nate