Lee Seung Gi Bares His Stunning 8-Pack Abs In New Stills For “Vagabond”

The producers revealed the behind story to his abs.

New stills from Lee Seung Gi‘s latest drama, Vagabond, was released and it showed a shower scene with a shirtless Lee Seung Gi!


In the stills, viewers can see Cha Dal Gun (Lee Seung Gi’s character) brooding in the shower as he regrets missing the opportunity to catch Jerome.


But what caught the attention of everyone everywhere were Lee Seung Gi’s 8-pack abs! He had reportedly worked tirelessly in order to sculpt his body to that of Cha Dal Gun’s, who is a former stuntman.


The producers of the drama made a statement by how they were also shocked by Lee Seung Gi’s dedication to becoming his new character.

The effort and passion that Lee Seung Gi put into becoming Cha Dal Gun shocked the producers at every filming.

Look forward as Lee Seung Gi makes a new legend as an actor with his role as Cha Dal Gun.

Vagabond Producers


Vagabond airs every Friday and Saturday, and international fans can watch brand new episodes through Netflix.

Source: Osen

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