Lee Seung Gi Revealed Baby Photos Of Himself And His Fandom Just Grew By A Thousand Percent

His baby photos are just too adorable for words!

Lee Seung Gi has always been known for his sweet visuals and a personality to match! That’s how he’s become one of the most famous artists/actors/TV personalities in all of Korea!


And the Ballad Prince has caused a massive heart attack among his fans when he uploaded two photos of himself when he was a baby!

The month of August is for the world of children’s hearts!!! ha 8/12 #LittleForest

— Lee Seung Gi


In thephotos, Lee Seung Gi is seen playing around the house as he’s dressed in adorably cute, color clothes!


But most importantly, his visuals are exactly the same as his big round eyes, cute round nose, and charming aura can be seen in the photos!


Netizens and fans alike flooded the comments sections as they praised Lee Seung Gi’s naturally good-looking visuals! He’s sure to have turned many to join his official fanclub with just two photos!


Lee Seung Gi proves again that he’s a natural-born talent who’s also been blessed with the visuals since he was just a little baby!

Source: My Daily

Lee Seung Gi