Lee Seung Gi Compares Suzy’s Acting To Angelina Jolie

This scene caused it all.

Suzy and Lee Seung Gi are busy promoting their latest drama together, titled Vagabond. In this action-thriller drama series, Suzy plays the role of a National Intelligence Service agent who is a total badass with the skills to prove it!


After shooting a particular gun scene where Suzy help Lee Seung Gi escape a dangerous situation, Lee Seung Gi claimed that her performance reminded him of Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie!

Watching her reminded me of Angelina Jolie.

She told me she was worried that she’ll close her eyes while shooting the gun but [as soon as filming started] she started shooting with such a strong gaze.

— Lee Seung Gi


Apparently, Suzy’s badassery was on par with Angelina Jolie’s multiple action-filled roles where she was a force to be reckoned with!


Suzy herself claimed she enjoyed the action scene so much that she wanted to do more of it!

I realized that it fit me well. It made me want to shoot more.

— Suzy


The director even complimented her, saying, “Suzy filmed the action scenes so well. The stunt team wanted to recruit her.


As expected of such high quality stars! Here’s to more dramatic scenes between Lee Seung Gi and Angeli… I mean, Suzy!

Source: Sports Donga and SBS funE