Korean Media Gets Called Out For Falsely Claiming That Lee Seung Gi’s Fanclub Supports His Dating News

They released a true official statement about the news.

Previously, it was confirmed that actor Lee Seung Gi was dating actress Lee Da In. While a fan decided to send a protest truck around his neighborhood to express opposition, it was also claimed in the media that Lee Seung Gi’s largest fan club in South Korea, Lee Seung Gi Gallery, supported his relationship.

Lee Seung Gi Gallery decided to release an official statement regarding such claims. They have called out Korean media for falsely claiming that the gallery had publicly expressed support for the relationship.

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While Lee Seung Gi Gallery claims that they definitely respect his personal life, they are unable to support a relationship that may potentially harm his career. This is due to the fact that the Korean public views Lee Da In’s parents and family as beneficiaries of stock manipulation and insider trading, resulting in many victims making financial losses. It was claimed by the public that this incident even led victims to alleged suicide. On the other hand, Lee Da In’s family lives a life of luxury.

Currently there have been articles by the media that claim that his fans are supporting his relationship, falsely naming Lee Seung Gi Gallery in them along with a manipulated image of what claims to be an official statement (from us).

—Lee Seung Gi Gallery

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In addition, we would like it to be clearly known that Lee Seung Gi Gallery respects Lee Seung Gi’s private life. However, there are no fans that are able to support a relationship in which he receives criticism over a matter that is unrelated to him.

— Lee Seung Gi Gallery

They also request for the public to refrain from disseminating rumors that may destroy the 17 years of career that Lee Seung Gi has so carefully built up. Although such articles have already been taken down, previously there were many that claimed that Lee Seung Gi Gallery had announced their support for the relationship.

“Lee Seung Gi Gallery claims they support the relationship between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In.” | Star Today

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