Lee Seunggi Shooks Viewers With His Random Appearance As A News Anchor

We’d watch the news every day if he were in it.

Viewers were in for a surprise when actor and singer Lee Seunggi suddenly appeared on the local news channel!

On March 30, Lee Seunggi made a guest appearance on the sports segment of SBS 8 O’Clock News to deliver a story on Kim Sang Ho of the Lotte Giants, which is a South Korean baseball team.

We have prepared a video about Lotte Giants’ Kim Sang Ho, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago.

– Lee Seunggi

Kim Sang Ho had taken a temporary break from the baseball field after undergoing a brain tumor surgery in 2018.

Lee Seunggi reported on Lotte Giant’s practice match in Busan, where Kim Sang Ho was able to hit a home run.

At the end of the segment, Lee Seunggi said “Fighting!” as a form of encouragement for Kim Sang Ho, and he bid viewers farewell.

I am one-day announcer Lee Seunggi.

– Lee Seunggi

Although the reason for his surprise appearance is still unknown, fans aren’t complaining! Want to watch the segment for yourself? Skip to 1:01:02 below!

Source: Insight