Lee Soo Man Is Seen In Public For The First Time Since SM Entertainment Management Dispute

All eyes were on him.

Lee Soo Man, the former executive producer of SM Entertainment, was seen in public for the first time since news broke out about HYBE acquiring the majority of SM Entertainment’s stocks.


He attended the Korea-Mongolia Business Dinner held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul and gave a keynote speech on K-Pop, the Korean Wave, and his vision for the future planet.

Singer Kim Min Jong, who had recently criticized the label’s upcoming plans of a “post-Lee Soo Man” era and accused the CEOs of one-sidedly ousting Lee Soo Man, also attended the event with Lee Soo Man.

Lee Soo Man (left) and Kim Min Jong (right) | JTBC News

This was Lee Soo Man’s first time being seen in public since the management dispute over SM Entertainment, and many were curious about whether or not he would mention the controversy.

Lee Soo Man (left) and Kim Min Jong (right) | JTBC News

Sipping his drink casually, Lee Soo Man did not seem out of the ordinary or uncomfortable despite all eyes being on him.

Lee Soo Man | SE Daily

Lee Soo Man | SE Daily

Lee Soo Man Giving Keynote Speech | Star Today

In his keynote speech, Lee Soo Man stated, “For the past 30 years, we have been creating and pioneering K-pop and Hallyu all our lives. Thankfully, K-pop and Hallyu have evolved in the midst of globalization and technological revolution, and now they are connecting the hearts of people around the world beyond regions, borders, generations and ideologies.”

He did not address or answer any questions about the SM Entertainment management dispute.



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