Lee Soo Man Revealed To Have Participated In Producing LOONA’s New Album, “#”

He recognized their potential!

SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man has recently been revealed to have participated in the production of LOONA‘s new album, # (hash)!

On February 5, reports emerged that stated that Lee Soo Man had helped in producing LOONA’s latest album. LOONA will be making their comeback with the title track “So What”.

This is Lee Soo Man’s first work with a non-SM Entertainment artists, thus more attention is being focused on the group, for their comeback.

During their showcase, LOONA themselves confirmed that Lee Soo Man participated in the production of their album.

Yves revealed that LOONA is extremely thankful to Lee Soo Man.


We want to express our gratitude to Lee Soo Man. Producer Lee Soo Man told us that he got to know about us while working on his global project. Our “Cherry Bomb” cover video caught his attention, and he thought that we have potential, so he willingly participated in the album.


LOONA have made their comeback with the mini album #,  and title track “So What”.

Watch the MV here!

Source: Naver