Lee Soo Man Reveals Detailed Plans To Create NCT Vietnam

Lee Soo Man has revealed more about his plans to create an NCT Vietnam Team.

SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man attended the Korea-Vietnam Business Cooperation Seminar on the 11th where he talked more about his plans to create an NCT Vietnam team.


The producer referred back to his statement back in December 2017 when he announced his plans to create an NCT Vietnam Team and elaborated on this plan.

“Last December during my speech in Hanoi, I talked about my plan to discover talent in Vietnam and create an ‘NCT Vietnam Team’ that would become global stars. In addition to discovering local stars in Vietnam, I wanted to foster them into global stars to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s cultural industry and economy and create an opportunity to have an influence in the world.” ㅡ Lee Soo Man


With plans for another NCT unit in progress, fans have been getting excited.


Others have been a little more critical towards the idea of a Vietnam unit.


Korean netizens have also been expressing their doubts about yet another NCT unit.

  • “Why is he doing this, really.”
  • “Ha…How about the current 18 members??? They’re all too spread out and don’t get enough attention. Don’t you think it’s a little too experimental?? There are too many units. I think you’re making it worse.”
  • “Pay more attention to NCT Seoul Team…”
  • “But why?”
  • “I like NCT but…I don’t know Lee Soo Man…Take care of our members.”


Meanwhile, Lee Soo Man had previously confirmed that NCT China was preparing for their debut. The unit, whose group name is yet to be revealed, are preparing to make their debut within 2018.

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Source: Mydaily