Lee Soo Man Reveals NCT Hollywood Project Will Be SM’s First Publicized Auditions

Who’s excited for this new project?

Recently, SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man held an online event titled, SM CONGRESS 2021, and revealed the upcoming plans for the last half of the year. In regards to the NCT Hollywood project, Lee revealed that it was going to be something to look forward to.

Lee Soo Man stated, “We are planning something huge. We are preparing to create a global team by preparing NCT Hollywood.” NCT’s Mark added, “In partnership with MGM, the producers of ’Survivor’ and ‘The Voice’, we will hold the audition in the U.S. and select members for the NCT Hollywood team.”

Doyoung also stated, “If you are selected for the program, you will go through the producing of executive producer Lee and promote as NCT all over the world. Existing members will provide mentoring using their experience.” Lee also revealed that this was the first time the company. Has held a publicized audition.

Lastly, Lee said a few words thanking the fans for loving their content and making all this possible.

SM Entertainment surprised the world by creating the Hallyu and has grown into a leading global K-Pop company. All these challenges were made possible by the people who love our content. It is also not only the influence of great artists and experts in each field , but also due to the fans that voluntarily share the content with the SM executives.

— Lee Soo Man

Source: herald pop


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