Lee Soo Man Responds To Park Jin Young’s Claim That He Disqualified Him At An SM Audition

A “feud” between the producers of SM and JYP.

The chief producer of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man made a rare appearance on Nobody Talks to BoA where he mentioned the rumors that he turned JYP Entertainment‘s Park Jin Young down in an SM audition.

During a chat between BoA and Lee Soo Man, the topic of disco came up, which naturally led to a discussion about Park Jin Young.

Lee Soo Man started off by proudly claiming that he was more of a producer than Park Jin Young.

I’m confident that I’m closer to being a producer than Park Jin Young.

— Lee Soo Man

And when BoA comforted him by questioning what he isn’t better at compared to Park Jin Young, Lee Soo Man confessed that Park Jin Young is a good dancer.

He is a good dancer though.

— Lee Soo Man

But he had something to say about the story Park Jin Young always tells about having been rejected at his SM audition.

He always goes on TV and tells people that I didn’t pick him in his SM audition.

— Lee Soo Man

According to Lee Soo Man, it was actually Park Jin Young who turned down SM, not the other way around.

It’s not true that I didn’t select him. He’s the one who didn’t come back to audition. Who comes to an audition only once and never comes back?

— Lee Soo Man

However, if Park Jin Young is up for it, Lee Soo Man is willing to give him a second chance.

If he still wants to audition, I’m willing to accept it.

— Lee Soo Man

On a past episode of tvN‘s Life Bar, Park Jin Young gained attention by claiming he failed an SM Entertainment audition.


Regardless of whose side of the story is more accurate, everybody would probably love to see a second audition by Park Jin Young at SM Entertainment!

Sign him up, please!

Source: Insight