Actor Lee Soo Hyuk Surprises Fan With New AirPods After Hearing About Their Unique Way Of Showing Their Love For Him

The cutest idea!

The idea of a “bias savings account” has been circulating amongst idol fans for a few years now. How it works is that the fan decides on a set amount of money to deposit each time their idol uploads something on social media. For example, it could be $5 per post, $1 per story, and $2 per tweet. Some even add more significant amounts, such as $50 if they receive a direct reply on socials. This helps the fan to save for something such as a concert or any item they want to buy.

A Korean fan of actor Lee Soo Hyuk utilized this method to help them save for some AirPod Maxes. The actual price of AirPod Maxes in South Korea can range up to ₩800,000 KRW (about $634 USD), depending on the purchase site. They had decided on ₩30,000 KRW (about $23.80 USD) per post and ₩10,000 KRW (about $7.93 USD) per story. This is because Lee Soo Hyuk is known not to upload often on socials. Somehow, he decided to be ultra-active that day and uploaded four posts within a few hours. The fan began to joke that she was going broke at that rate.

Fan’s post about the account. | Newspic

Lee Soo Hyuk is blowing up his Instagram right now. I’m doing ₩30,000 KRW (about $23.80 USD) per post and ₩10,000 KRW (about $7.93 USD) so… I guess I’ll become a beggar. He uploaded 4 posts and a story in two hours. Surprisingly I only made this account 10 days ago.

— Fan

The activity helped her save ₩455,000 KRW (about $361 USD) in just 10 days! They complained jokingly that they had thought it would take up to three months to get the AirPods, but at this rate, they’d be able to buy it real soon.

They also adorably named the account “Lee Soo Hyuk Savings.” The news of the fan’s cute actions traveled all the way to the actor himself. He uploaded a screenshot of the post and asked the fan to contact him to tell him when she had planned to make the purchase, offering to gift it to her.

Lee Soo Hyuk’s story. | Newspic

A staff told me about this. Let me know the day you plan to buy the AirPod Maxes.

— Lee Soo Hyuk

According to the fan, they proved that they owned the original account to a member of staff and ended up getting the AirPod Maxes as a gift. They humorously quipped that maybe they should’ve posted that they were saving up for a house instead!

What a lucky fan.

Source: Newspic