Lee Soo Man’s Special Appearance On NCT 127’s TikTok Receives Mixed Reactions

There were mixed reactions.

NCT 127 recently came back with “STICKER”. As part of their promotions, they created a TikTok challenge! Fans were surprised to see that their head honcho, founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man himself, had participated.

The TikTok started out with Mark and Haechan fighting…

Only to have Lee Soo Man come to sort it out.

Netizens reactions were mixed, with some laughing at how it turned out and others not approving of the marketing tactic.

  • “Crazy kkkkk This kind of marketing makes no sense but the B-grade vibes are kind of funny. Anyway in the future, don’t do TikTok and throw China away kkk”
  • [reply to different comment] “That’s what I’m saying.”
  • “???: They must be crazy what are they doing”
  • “Ah really so funny.”
  • “It’s hilarious how people are eating up them using Lee Soo Man to market when their company head isn’t someone that has 0 issues.”
  • “Why…. why are they like that kkkkkk”
| theqoo

Check out the video below.

Source: theqoo