Lee Sun Bin, Apink’s Eunji, Han Sunhwa, And Super Junior’s Siwon Confirmed As Leads For Upcoming Drinking Web-Drama

What drunken stories will they tell?

Lee Sun Bin, Apink‘s Eunji, Han Sunhwa, and Super Junior‘s Siwon have been confirmed as lead roles in Tving‘s upcoming web-drama Drunken City Women.

Lee Sun Bin


According to the press release shared by the K-Drama, Lee Sun Bin, Eunji, Han Sunhwa, and Siwon will be the lead roles in Drunken City Women. The drama tells the story of the three women whose belief in life is just drinking, to the point it can be considered their “religion.” They will help convey a feeling of comfort and relatability as they try to help viewers relieve their tired bodies and minds through the lives of struggling women in their 30s.


Lee Sun Bin will play the role of Ahn So Hee, a broadcast writer while Han Sunhwa will play the role of yoga instructor Han Ji Yeon.

Han Sunhwa | Osen

Eunji will play the role of Kang Ji Gu, an origami YouTuber and Siwon will play the role of entertainment producer Kang Buk Gu, the only male within the circle of the three women.

Siwon | SM Entertainment

Drunken City Women is expected to be broadcast later this year.

Source: SPOTV