Lee Sun Bin Publicly Reveals New Couple Bracelet Shared With Lee Kwang Soo

They’re so pretty!

Actress Lee Sun Bin recently shared multiple Instagram stories which gave fans a rare sneak peek into her daily life.

And one of the posts had fans excited because it featured a new couples’ item shared with her long-time boyfriend, Lee Kwang Soo.

| @sunbin_eyesmag/Instagram

The photo showed Lee Sun Bin wearing the same matching bracelet as the man in the photo, which everyone is assuming to be Lee Kwang Soo.

| @sunbin_eyesmag/Instagram

Not only did she publicly share the photo, but she even captioned it with adorable heart and monkey emojis expressing her love.

| @sunbin_eyesmag/Instagram


The two are generally private about their relationship despite having dated since 2018 after meeting on SBS‘s Running Man.

“Running Man” | SBS

She even recently confessed that she will not be appearing on the variety show again because appearing with Lee Kwang Soo would make her too embarrassed.

| @sunbin_eyesmag/Instagram

Due to how rare it is for fans to get a glimpse at their relationship, the photo of the matching bracelets has fans excited.

Here’s wishing both Lee Sun Bin and Lee Kwang Soo many more sweet years together!

Source: Insight
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