Lee Sun Bin Gives An Update On Her Relationship with Lee Kwang Soo

She got so shy.

Many have been curious about the popular couple, Lee Sun Bin and Lee Kwang Soo.

Lee Sun Bin (Left) & Lee Kwang Soo (Right) | @sunbin_eyesmag/Instagram

Well, fans no longer have to guess at the relationship status thanks to Lee Sun Bin herself. During a recent episode of My Fantasy House, Lee Sun Bin revealed that she and Lee Kwang Soo are still in a strong relationship.

My Fantasy House is a reality show where the cast and guests get the chance to temporarily live in their dream house.

| SBS Entertainment/YouTube

This made it easy for Park Mi Sun to hunt at the couple’s relationship: “Today, the guests are looking for a house to be with someone who is more precious than themselves.

Jang Sung Kyu also added in the teasing and alluded to Lee Kwang Soo as well. He asked Lee Sun Bin, “Do you happen to have a tall person to live with?

| SBS Entertainment/YouTube

The two with no way to escape, Lee Sun Bin replied, “Yes, there’s a tall person.”

| SBS Entertainment/YouTube
Lee Kwang Soo | SBS Entertainment/YouTube

The two confirmed their relationship in 2018 after Lee Sun Bin confessed her attraction to Kwang Soo during her Running Man appearance in 2016.

| SBS Catch/YouTube

Since then, the relationship has been pretty private with the members of Running Man teasing him once in a while. Since the relationship is quite private, fans were happy to get a positive update.

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