Netizens Are Left Confused After Lee Sun Kyun’s Latest Drug Test Results

“Wow, WTF.”

Actor Lee Sun Kyun has tested negative for drugs in his second test.

Lee Sun Kyun | Ilgan Sports

On November 3, SBS News reported that Lee Sun Kyun’s latest drug test yielded negative results. According to the report, the actor’s hair samples were used in the test.

Previously, Lee Sun Kyun had tested negative in a prior drug test. Following the test, Police reportedly took 100 strands of the actor’s hair. The negative tests reportedly may signal that the actor had likely not taken drugs for at least 8-10 months.

Police Reports The Results Of Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Test

Reports state, however, that the test results may have been obstructed by hair dye and bleach. Police have stated that they plan to investigate Lee Sun Kyun further.

Korean netizens reacted to the news, with many expressing confusion. Despite the negative tests, some still criticized the actor for allegedly cheating on his wife and pointed to the fact he had been blackmailed by the madam of a brothel.

  • “They need to scrutinize the madam… She should know the truth.”
  • “Even if he didn’t do it, the madam could have told him that she slipped it in his system while he was sleeping. The ₩300 million KRW (about $225,000 USD) could have been for cheating with the brothel girl.”
  • “Men have short hair so… But if the tests keep saying it’s negative, Police won’t be able to punish him.”
  • “But he still cheated. Although that is his family’s business, his image is destroyed.”
  • “But would an innocent person stand on the photo line and apologize?”
  • “Wow, WTF.”
  • “Then what is the hush money for?”
  • “Then why did he give money to the madam?”

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Source: SBS News and theqoo