Actress Lee Sung Kyung Breaks Down Her Crazy Filming Schedule For “Dr. Romantic 3”

It was intense.

Lee Sung Kyung was the latest guest on Suchwita, the YouTube program hosted by BTS‘s Suga. She talked about a variety of topics related to her profession as an actress.

She recently starred in the beloved medical drama Dr. Romantic 3 (2023) where she reprised her role of Doctor Cha Eun Jae from the second season.

She revealed that the filming process took an entire year. It felt “awkward” to take a break once it was over considering how many hours she dedicated to the role.

It feels awkward to rest because I have no life of my own [when filming dramas]. I don’t exist.

 Lee Sung Kyung

She explained that the actors would film for most of the day, with Lee Sung Kyung saying that she could only take two-hour breaks during 15-hour filming days.

This is how my day usually went when I was filming Dr. Romantic. Except for an hour for lunch and dinner I filmed from nine o’clock to midnight.

 Lee Sung Kyung

She only had enough time to shower and sleep after filming for the day ended.

If it ends at twelve, it’s one or two by the time I get home. I shower and go to bed then I have to get back up at six in the morning. That’s how I spent my days.

 Lee Sung Kyung

Because of how tight the schedule was, even bathroom breaks were short-lived. She was just thankful that there were few outfit changes during the days when they filmed operation scenes.

When they’re changing the set I tell them I’m going to the restroom and run to use the restroom since we don’t have to change.

 Lee Sung Kyung

These shots would be inserted into several different episodes, but the cast would film them all at once. Some of the most difficult shooting experiences that she had on Dr. Romantic 3 were these scenes.

They edit the operating scenes to make them look like different scenes. But for us, we film all the scenes at once.

 Lee Sung Kyung

Check out the full video below to learn more about Lee Sung Kyung’s acting experiences.

Source: YouTube