Lee Soo Man Responds To SM Entertainment CEO Lee Sung Soo’s Video Exposé

Lee Sung Soo accused him of money grabbing, mismanagement, and more.

SM Entertainment‘s current CEO, Lee Sung Soo, released a video on February 16, 2023, addressing the feud between founder Lee Soo Man and the company. He alleged that Lee Soo Man not only had plans for sustainability that affected the artists’ promotions but also accused him of money grabbing and absurd plans for music worlds.

Lee Soo Man has responded to the video. According to JTBC News, he had “been holding back speaking up on the actions and words of his nephew-in-law, Lee Sung Soo.” Lee Soo Man claimed that he felt hurt as he watched Lee Sung Soo grow up.

I’ve watched my late wife’s nephew grow up since he was 4. He’s been with me since he entered SM Entertainment at 19 years of age, working on managing fans. He’s a kind nephew who grew up in a family with his father a pastor. My heart hurts.

— Lee Soo Man

Apart from that, Lee Soo Man did not address the allegations made against him in the video.

Source: jtbc

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