Actor Lee Yi Kyung Saves Man From Suicide Attempt

His courage and bravery helped save a life.

Actor Lee Yi Kyung helped save a drunken man from committing suicide.

According to an exclusive report from Sports World, a man on the Hannam Bridge attempted suicide by trying to jump in front of a driving truck. When the truck suddenly stopped, avoiding hitting the man, the man continued to attempt to be hit by a car.

Lee Yi Kyung, who was driving the car behind the truck that stopped, immediately stopped his car as well, and helped the truck driver catch the drunk man.

At this point, the drunk man was attempting to throw himself off the Hannam Bridge. Lee Yi Kyung grabbed hold of the man, and held onto him for a long time, making sure he wouldn’t jump.

Everyone watching the situation was flustered and scared so they didn’t leave their cars, but Lee Yi Kyung didn’t hesitate and got out to help. He took off his coat and gave it to the man who was shivering from the cold, and held on to him so he wouldn’t make another attempt on his life.

Lee Yi Kyung’s courage saved a life.

— Witness

Following Lee Yi Kyung’s actions, local authorities safely stepped in to take over the situation. Back in November 2019, Lee Yi Kyung was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the National Police Agency.

Lee Yi Kyung made his name known to the public through appearances in My Love From The Star, Descendants of the Sun, Waikiki, and more. Currently, he is promoting as a trot artist.

Source: Sports World