Lee Young Ja Is Furious That Her Mother Turned A Blind Eye On Her Father’s Extramarital Affair

It ruined her childhood.

On a recent episode of SBS‘s Tell Your Unnie, TV personality and host, Lee Young Ja made the shocking revelation of her parents’ toxic relationship as well as how it affected her negatively.

The panel was discussing an anonymous woman’s worry regarding her husband’s affair when Lee Young Ja made her stance very clear.

You can beg for other things, but never beg for love.

— Lee Young Ja

She then went on to reveal the heartbreaking reason why she has such a firm stance on the matter.

I felt so frustrated when my mother turned a blind eye on my father’s affairs. Because I felt anxious all the time.

— Lee Young Ja

Lee Young Ja even elaborated on just how bad the affairs were.

The affairs were so bad that when he passed away, a woman we didn’t even know came to visit him at his grave.

— Lee Young Ja

As a child, Lee Young Ja just wanted them to get a divorce.

I hated that my mother hung onto him anyway. I just wanted her to divorce him. That way, maybe he would’ve learned his lesson.

— Lee Young Ja

Although it’s all in the past now, Lee Young Ja made her thoughts loud and clear for others who might be suffering from similar circumstances.

From the child’s point of view, they just want you to end things, clean and simple.

— Lee Young Ja

Source: Dispatch