Lee Young Ji Won’t Be Able To Ever Reveal How The Last Episode Of “No Prepare” Featuring BTS’s Jin Really Ended And Here’s Why

All chaos comes at a cost.

The last episode of Lee Young Ji‘s popular Youtube show My Alcolohol Diary (also known as No Prepare) featured BTS‘s Jin as the guest, and fans couldn’t get enough of their matching chaotic energy. The episode’s ending was especially epic when Young Ji ran to the bathroom to throw up, and Jin decided to wrap up the show for her.

Fans were wondering if anything else went on behind the scenes after the cameras stopped rolling or if she really passed out in the bathroom without realizing that Jin had finished the shoot and gone home.

On her Twitter, Young Ji revealed what fans were dying to know with a short but hilarious explanation.


I was hitting the Halligalli bell, and then I opened my eyes to see I was holding onto the toilet. That’s why there is no after-story to tell. Because I don’t remember anything at all…

Many ARMYs agreed that they too would pass out in the presence of Jin, while others feel they wouldn’t be as cool as her to admit that’s how she ended up wrapping up the episode. Regardless, everyone seems to agree that when it comes to Young Ji and her show, there is not a single predictable or boring moment ever!


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