Lee Young Ji Shocks Netizens With Viral Cover Of BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls”

Her performance of “Lovesick Girls” is trending nearly a year later.

Some of us know Lee Young Ji as the hilarious host of the YouTube series My Alcohol Diary (also known as No Prepare or Nothing Much Prepared).

Others know her best as the young but skilled rapper who debuted in 2019 after winning High School Rapper 3.

Still, many were shocked to discover that she’s also an amazing singer!

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In January, Lee Young Ji and Layone performed their sold-out “Flower LAnguage” concert. One particular moment from the concert is going viral almost a year later…

During the concert, Lee Young Ji performed BLACKPINK‘s fan-favorite song “Lovesick Girls” alongside Layone. She proved she’s truly a versatile artist, stunning everyone with her vocals.


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♬ Lovesick Girls – BLACKPINK

The recently uploaded TikTok video went viral with 2M views, 371.1K likes, and 554 comments at the time of writing in only a day. Netizens praised her unique and powerful vocals, while many expressed shock over her versatility, knowing she is a rapper.

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A video of her performing “Lovesick Girls” at the concert shared on Twitter in January also went viral with 970K views.

Young Ji sang BLACKPINK’s ‘Lovesick Girls…’

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This isn’t the first time Lee Young Ji has gone viral with a cover. Who can forget her and SEVENTEEN Seungkwan‘s iconic cover of Lizzo‘s “Juice?” It currently has 6.3M views on YouTube.

Lee Young Ji is so multitalented!

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