Lee Youngji Drops A Spoiler For The Next Guest On Her Show And Everyone Is Excited For The Reunion

The best duo!

Lee Youngji‘s alcohol talk show is always a fun time, and fans absolutely love having their idols on the show. She dropped a spoiler for the next guest on Nothing Prepared (also known as My Alcohol Diary), and fans are already going insane. Not only are fans excited, but the general public is also marking the date as they await the reunion of the two.

The spoiler showed a picture of a sparkly eye and five Korean characters.

The hint. | Nothing Prepared/YouTube

Everyone immediately got the hint! IVE Ahn Yujin‘s two nicknames are “ahngwang yujin” and “malknungwang.” The first means “sparkly eyes yujin” while the second refers to “bright-eyed insanity.” The Korean characters also contain the first letters of her full name!

Jirakshil members. L to R: Lee Eun Ji, Mimi, Ahn Yujin, Lee Youngji. | tvn

Yujin guesting on the show would mean a Jirakshil reunion! Earlier on, both Lee Youngji and Ahn Yujin had starred on variety show Jirakshil along with Lee Eun Ji and OH MY GIRL‘s Mimi.

It was also the perfect timing as IVE recently made a comeback with “I AM.”

Fans were super excited. | theqoo
  • Yujin-ah! (Trademark of Lee Eun Ji on Jirakshil.)
  • Something big is coming.
  • Lemon Gin Ahn Yujin~ Something big is coming, the maknaez.
  • Gasp, Yujinnie!!!
  • Ahn Yujin!! It’s going to be f*cking fun.
  • Insane LOL
  • Yujin-ah~~~
  • Does the bright-eyed insanity Yujinnie drink lemon gin?

As Yujin is the CF model for Soonhari’s lemon gin drink, many are curious if she will introduce it on the show. We can’t wait!

Source: theqoo


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