Lee Yu Bi’s Family Used To Hate Her Fashion Sense — Here’s What Made Them Come Around

They can’t say anything to her anymore.

Lee Yu Bi has won the grand award for “Beauty Icon” for the last 3 years straight with her unique fashion sense and effortless styling.

And although her style is not ordinary, Lee Yu Bi was always proud of it.

I’ve always liked my own style.

— Lee Yu Bi

But her family was another story.

I’ve always been looked down upon by my mom and little sister.

— Lee Yu Bi

Lee Yu Bi has always liked wearing loose clothing, and that was what her family criticized the most.

They’d compare my clothes a burlap bag. Because I always wore loose clothing.

— Lee Yu Bi

But once Lee Yu Bi won the beauty icon award for 3 years in a row, everything changed.

My confidence went up. My mom always asked, ‘Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?’

— Lee Yu Bi

And her response?

Be quiet. You’re talking to the beauty icon here.

— Lee Yu Bi

No one can say anything about her fashion now!

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