Actress Lee Yu Ri Impresses With Her Transformation Into A Muscular Tomboy For A Drama Role

She looks amazing!

Actress Lee Yu Ri has always impressed fans with her acting skills. She acted in many infamous K-Dramas including Come! Jang Bori, My Father Is Strange and The Promise.

Lee Yu Ri in My Father Is Strange. | KBS

She recently made a comeback with the K-Drama, The Witch Is Alive. She plays the jilted housewife Gong Ma Ri. In order to completely transform into her character, she dedicated herself to working out at the gym, gaining muscle mass and cutting her hair short. The result?

A complete 180.

She proudly displayed her new muscles in a sleeveless crop top during the press conference for the drama. Complete with a shaggy haircut and smokey eye makeup, Lee Yu Ri was unrecognizable.

Comparing her before and after, the difference is amazing. Previously, Lee Yu Ri’s image was that of an elegant and gorgeous lady.

The Witch Is Alive is about a group of women who have faced betrayal from the men in their life. Lee Yu Ri plays Gong Ma Ri, a housewife who learns that her husband is having an affair. She seeks a way to end her marriage in the way that best benefits her.