Leeteuk reveals that a Chinese fan bought 200 million won worth of albums

Super Junior’s Leeteuk made a guest appearance on the November 1st broadcast of MBC variety show Quiz to Change the World, revealing that he was aware of a Chinese fan who bought more than 200 million won worth of albums.

To be exact, the Chinese fan bought 224,280,000 won (~USD $209,000) worth of Super Junior’s 6th studio album, “Sexy Free and Single”. Taking a look at the image below, it seems as though the fan bought it on behalf of a large Chinese fan base. Breaking it down, the fan bought 12,600 albums worth 17,800 won each, in one receipt! That is probably why Leeteuk named their Chinese fans as “scary noona fans”.

Leeteuk revealed that he knew about this when the fan went for a Super Junior fan-signing and gave him the receipt as a present. He was so surprised that he took a photo of the receipt and posted it on his Twitter account in July 2012. His tweet also revealed that the fanbase had actually accumulated even more sales after the initial 12,600 albums purchase, hitting a record of a total of 15,716 albums. There could be two main reasons for buying such a large number of albums: bulk purchasing for the huge base of Chinese fans, and having a higher chance of being picked through lottery to attend the fan signing events.

Leeteuk on Quiz to Change the World
Photo: TVReport

On the same episode, Super Junior also gave their comments about the culture in Europe and South America where fans throw their undergarments onto stage; this tradition led to a brief halt in the recording of KBS Music Bank in Mexico.

Besides Super Junior’s Leeteuk, KanginEunhyuk, and Zhoumi, the episode also featured special guests miss A‘s Fei and Jia, as well as Red Velvet‘s Irene and Wendy.

Check out the video below where Super Junior talks about how fans from different parts of the world show their love!

Source: TVReport