Legendary Actor Jung Woo Sung Reveals The Special Reason BTS’s Jin Calls Him “Chairman Jung”

The actor spills the beans!

One of Korea’s most legendary leading men, actor Jung Woo Sung, spoke about his special friendship with BTS‘s Jin.

Jung Woo Sung | Korea Herald

The actor revealed to news outlet Wikitree, in an exclusive interview, that he and the idol call each other the Korean word equivalent to Chairman.

Recently BTS’s Jin made headlines for his impeccable visuals at the premiere of the movie Hunt, in which Jung Woo Sung stars alongside best friend actor Lee Jung Jae.

Fans flocked to the premiere as soon as Jin revealed he would be attending in the most adorable way.

I am attending the premiere for the movie Hunt at 7:30 at Coex Megabox. Please cheer me on so that I don’t get nervous, tehehe.

— Jin

And Jin did not disappoint, dazzling fans with his “Worldwide-handsome” visuals.

During the premiere, Jin spoke briefly and explained that “Chairman Jung” (Jung Woo Sung) had invited him personally.

From left: Jung Woo Sung, Jin, and Lee Jung Jae | News1

Jin didn’t forget to root on the movie and flashed a card that said, “Hunt, fighting.”

In the interview with Wikitree, Jung Woo Sung explained how he had become friends with Jin, who is 19 years his junior, and how they started calling each other Chairman.

We met by coincidence at a private place. At first, I didn’t recognize him and wondered who he was until he greeted me, saying he was BTS’s Jin. I then immediately apologized and joked, ‘Of course, I know you, Chairman Jin. I’ve always recognized you when you were with your members.’ And that is how Jin and I started referring to one another as Chairman Jung and Chairman Jin.

— Jung Woo Sung

Jung Woo Sung then revealed Jin’s response to being invited to Hunt’s movie premier.

When I invited him (Jin) to the premiere, he replied, ‘Maybe I will attend after all since Chairman Jung invited me personally.’

— Jung Woo Sung

The movie Hunt marks the directorial debut of actor Lee Jung Jae and stars both Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung. Hunt is an action-thriller movie about intelligent operatives trying to find a spy that has infiltrated their agency. The movie premieres on August 4. Check out the trailer in the link below!

Source: Wikitree