BTS’s Jin Shocks Netizens With His Visuals And Charisma After Attending The VIP Premiere Of “Hunt”

He was personally invited by lead actor Jung Woo Sung!

After BTS announced that they were taking some time away from releasing music as a group to do individual activities, the first thing many wondered was when Jin was going to become “Actor Jin.” With his certified title of “Worldwide Handsome,” the idol has always wowed netizens with his visuals that seem like a leading man in a movie.

Well, Jin had another opportunity to showcase just how perfect he would be as an actor after he announced that he’d be attending the VIP Premiere for the film Hunt.

On Weverse, he announced the time and place of the premiere, adding, “Please cheer me on so that I don’t get nervous, tehehe.”

As soon as the announcement was made, even before the media found out, fans flocked to the venue to show their support for Jin. Within hours, the venue was full of adoring ARMYs all wanting to get a glimpse of Jin.

When Jin finally made his way to the stage, he looked as handsome as ever in a more casual look. The venue went crazy as Jin arrived and went on stage to join two of the lead actors, Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung.

Getting up on stage, Jin removed his mask and showcased his dazzling visuals as the media took photos of the three handsome and talented men.

At one point, Jin asked the host if he could do something before taking out a piece of paper with the phrase “Hunt, fighting” on it.

Although many would expect BTS members to be invited to VIP premieres, it seems like Jin’s invite was more personal. He explained that “Chairman Jung” (Jung Woo Sung) had invited him and he knew it was going to be a hit film.

Jung Woo Sung then explained how thankful he was that Jin attended as, due to Jin’s busy schedule, he wasn’t sure if the idol was going to make it.

As expected, the media treated ARMYs worldwide to some amazing images from the event, showcasing Jin’s visuals and personality.

Even with two of the biggest actors in the Korean entertainment industry, Jin stood his ground and looked like he fitted perfectly between the two handsome men.

He even seemed to make Lee Jung Jae LOL after bringing out his sign, and it was perfectly captured by the press.

Even leaving the stage, Jin’s visuals never failed to shine as he greeted all the fans who had waited for him.

As expected, when the videos and photos were released, ARMYs couldn’t hide their love for Jin.

When Jin announced he was attending, the phrase “KIM SEOKJIN AT HUNT PREMIERE” was trending and continued throughout and after the event ended along with the phrase “Actor Jin.”

Yet, it isn’t the first time Jin has wowed netizens at a recent VIP Premiere. Only a week ago, Jin stole the show when he attended the premiere of Emergency Broker, and it seems like the idol is at home at the events, even if he gets shy and nervous.

There is something about Jin’s visuals and personality at big events that unsurprisingly sends the internet into meltdown. Hopefully, it won’t be long before ARMYs can see Jin as the main actor at a premiere.

You can read more about Jin at the Hunt premiere below.

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