BTS Jin’s Unique Way Of Supporting His Friends Makes A Comeback At The Recent “Hunt” VIP Premiere

The “LeJINdary” move made Lee Jung Jae LOL!

BTS‘s Jin might be known as one of the best-looking and most talented idols in K-Pop, but ARMYs love him because of his charming personality and humor.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Since debuting, he has always found ways to show his love for members in the cutest way possible.

Jin trying to hug Suga (left)
Jin hugging V (left)
Jin hugging J-Hope (left)

In particular, over the past few years, he has channeled his inner “Broke Millionaire” when it came to member Jimin’s birthday. After his birthday in 2021, netizens that Jin seemed to have a special way to wish his younger member well wishes, but in the most unconventional way ever.

In 2020, Jin wrote his good wishes to Jimin but rather than a birthday card, he shared the message on… a piece of toilet paper.

Jin’s 2020 birthday card for Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

In 2021, it was slightly upgraded as, rather than buying Jimin a card, Jin wrote Jimin-ah Happy birthday..” on a torn piece of cardboard.

Jin’s 2021 birthday card for Jimin | Weverse

Well, it seems like the “LeJINdary” method Jin uses to share his love and support for those around him recently made a comeback.

On August 2, Jin stole the hearts of netizens worldwide after he attended the VIP premiere of the movie Hunt after being personally invited by leading actor Jung Woo Sung. As expected, Jin served visuals left, right, and center.

Even as he walked on stage wearing a mask, the idol quickly captured the hearts of everyone attending, including the fans, media, and the host.

Yet, one moment truly stood out the most. At one point, Jin asked the host if he could do something before taking out a piece of paper with the phrase “Hunt, fighting” on it. The crowd immediately went crazy seeing the small paper of encouragement…

In particular, it was such a funny gesture that showcased Jin’s personality that even veteran actor Lee Jung Jae found it hilarious. Luckily, the media caught the iconic moment where the Squid Game actor was LOL’ing.

Jin looked absolutely adorable holding the sign, and it seems as if the thought put into the gesture really paid of..

When the video was shared, netizens couldn’t stop gushing about Jin continuing his tradition. Although it probably wasn’t to showcase his “Broke Millionaire” status, it was a sweet gesture and everyone seemed to love it.

As always, Jin finds the perfect way to showcase his personality in a way that showcases how caring he is but also witty. He could’ve easily said “Hunt, fighting,” but he used the sign, which was cute… and also continued to show just how nice his handwriting is.

You can read more about Jin at the premiere below.

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