Legendary Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Daughter Credits BTS’s Suga For Helping Her “Mourn” Her Father

“It was physically hard…”

Ryuichi Sakamoto was a musical genius in his own right, and his influence in the world of music is immeasurable. He was the first Japanese composer to win an Academy Music award for original score and the first Asian to win a Grammy award for best soundtrack. He was also a two-time Golden Globe winner.

Ryuichi Sakamoto | Pitchfork

Sakamoto was also one of the musical idols of BTS member Suga. The two musicians had the chance to meet briefly in September 2022 when the K-Pop idol visited Tokyo.

BTS’s Suga (left) with Ryuichi Sakamoto | Disney+

Suga was also fortunate enough to work with his idol on a song called “Snooze” from his solo album D-DAY. Unfortunately, before the album could be released, Ryuichi Sakamoto passed away after a long battle with cancer on March 28.

Sakamoto’s work in The Last Emperor as a music director was why Suga started getting interested in music. So, working with him on a song meant to comfort younger musicians was already a full-circle moment for the idol. But it turns out, his music has also been a source of comfort for Ryuichi Sakamoto’s daughter Miu.

Miu Sakamoto | miusakamoto.com

In a recent interview with a Japanese magazine, the 43-year-old Miu Sakamoto credited Suga’s music for comforting her after her father’s demise. She has been a devoted fan since before her father met Suga. In the interview, she mentioned that she would often tell her father about how the BTS member was inspired by his music.

Miu Sakamoto said she feels like her father’s spirit lives on in the song “Snooze” that he made with Suga. She even attended two shows of Suga’s solo tour in Japan and Thailand. During the concert, a memorial message was displayed for the late Sakamoto right before Suga performed “Snooze,” the gesture was a huge comfort for Miu. She said that if she hadn’t been to those concerts, she probably wouldn’t have been able to process her grief.

Miu added that following Suga’s journey as a solo artist seemed like the outlet she needed to mourn her father. It was a demanding task but also necessary for her.

ARMYs also witnessed Miu Sakamoto’s admiration for the BTS member when BIGHIT MUSIC announced his enlistment date. That day, she posted an Instagram story with a picture from the D-Day tour and a sweet message praying for his happiness.

Suga is not only a successful fan of Ryuichi Sakamoto but also a rare artist who could impact the life and legacy of the person he looked up to the most!