Legendary Korean Singer Reveals The High Note In IVE’s “I AM” Is One Of The Hardest Notes To Sing

The veteran singer herself confirmed it.

IVE‘s new song, “I AM,” is a powerful song that shows a different side of the girl group.

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They have been killing it in their live performances, and An Yujin even went viral for hitting her high notes flawlessly live. The song is hard to sing, with noticeably high notes throughout the song—from Liz‘s pre-chorus to the chorus dropping with the lyrics, “That’s my life”— but did you know the highest note in the song is the same note as one of Korea’s most difficult songs to sing?

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Everyone has their go-to karaoke favorites that they always sing. Koreans have a list of the most popular songs to sing at karaoke, including “Tears” by singer So Chanwhee. With its techno beat and rock vocals, the song is known to be one of the most challenging songs to sing because of its high notes.

Released in 2000, “Tears” is an anthem of fun karaoke nights, dancing, and belting with your friends—and it is a song that continues to dominate the karaoke charts in Korea. Many singers have sung this song on variety shows, including ITZY.

Chen from EXO sang it too, and it was extra impressive because he sang it in the original key.

The original singer of “Tears” pointed out that the highest note in “I AM” is the same as the iconic high note in her song. On MMTG, the host JaeJae revealed a surprise clip of So Chanwhee explaining how to successfully sing the high G5 note.

My song ‘Tears’ has a high G5 note. The part in ‘I AM’ that goes, ‘I’ll be far a-‘ also is a G5. At the way end, it’s a melody with a G5 and then a F-sharp. If you focus on the breathing, projection, and pronunciation while singing, you’ll be able to do an amazing live performance.

— So Chanwhee

So Chanwhee talking about “I AM” | MMTG

She also demonstrated by singing the high note in IVE’s “I AM.”


IVE members were shocked and honored to see this veteran singer talking about and even singing their song.


Having been acknowledged by a veteran singer, IVE showed us their vocal capabilities with their high note that mirrors the note in the legendary “Tears.” Despite the note being so high that most people struggle to hit it, IVE members are rocking the stage and hitting these notes with professionalism.

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