Netizens React To IVE’s An Yujin Hitting High Notes Flawlessly Live

It’s her era—we’re just living in it.

IVE recently returned with their first full-length album, I’ve IVE, with the title track “I AM.”

| Starship Entertainment

Different from the quirky and high-teen feel of the pre-release single “Kitsch,” “I AM” is more powerful—and it is a hard song to sing with many high notes.

“Kitsch” stage (left) and “I AM” stage (right) | @ivestarship/Instagram

Each member sings or raps their part with their unique voice, from Jang Wonyoung starting it off with her sweet voice to Liz‘s belt in the pre-chorus leading us to the big drop.

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Even though member Rei could not join IVE in their promotions due to health issues, each of their live performances has been impressive. Their coordinated outfits, whether it’s a black and white look or a business look with blazers and loosened neckties, also were flawless.

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It was An Yujin‘s parts, however, that blew netizens away. In the live performances, An Yujin sings high notes in the chorus when she comes in with the lyrics, “That’s my life.” She sings this flawlessly despite the instrumental pausing briefly and the note being a high G5.

She’s so f*cking good at ‘That’s my life’ lol she’s the master of dance lives

— kimLog91

An Yujin has another flawless part in the bridge where she sings, “1, 2, 3, fly up,” and netizens couldn’t help but notice how in-control her note was.

An Yujin’s 123 fly up part is insane today;; she killed that live..

— @bamgun

Despite it looking easy, An Yujin must have practiced hard for this and puts all her effort while on stage. Some netizens pointed out how moving it is to see An Yujin trying her best to sing well.

No but I can see Yujin trying her very best while singing live and it makes me tear up

— @poohaa_391

Yujin’s live is so f*cking good… it’s too much….. And I love how we can see her voice getting more warmed up and better the more they record the shows ㅜㅜ

— @woaltrpktkfrl

An Yujin is truly living her best life, belting these high notes flawlessly on stage while dancing full-out at the same time.

Our Yujin tore up the live again….. crazy……

— @9_1_5_6_7

An Yujin and the other members of IVE are killing this era and we can’t wait to see them tear up the stage with more live performances!

Source: Mnet K-Pop and theqoo


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