Ex-JYP Trainee Lena Ahn Surprises Fans With Appearance In Netflix’s “Partner Track”

Do you remember her from Sunmi’s “Full Moon”?

Remember Lena Ahn from JYP Entertainment? She first stepped into the spotlight as a rapper featured on Sunmi‘s solo song, “Full Moon”. She captured fans with her husky voice and solid rap flow, as well as her visuals!

Lena performing on various music shows. | KBS and SBS

She was revealed to be a member of the debut group, 6MIX. She would be debuting with now-TWICE members, Nayeon, Jihyo, Sana, and Jeongyeon, as well as ex-trainee, Charlene.

Unfortunately, plans for 6MIX fell through and the girls were reshuffled to appear on SIXTEEN, competing for a spot in TWICE. While JYP Entertainment fans fully expected Lena to appear on the show, she surprised everyone by announcing her leave from the company instead.

Lena returned to the U.S to try to pursue an acting career. She appeared as an extra in the first episode of Cassandra French’s Finishing School but her career stagnated for a few years until 2022, where she surprised fans with a role in Netflix‘s Partner Track.

Lena as Lina in Partner Track. | Netflix

She plays Lina Yun, the main lead’s younger sister. A troublemaker by her parents’ standards, she drops out of the prestigious Julliard and attempts to audition for the Cirque du Soleil

| Netflix

Fans couldn’t be happier for her! They’ve been sending support to her online, cheering her on for her breakout role. Hopefully, if the series is renewed for a second season, we’ll get to see more of Lena in her element!

Partner Track is about a Korean-American high power lawyer, Ingrid Yun. She tries to make her way in New York’s concrete jungle but has to battle sexism, racism and betrayal, all while trying to make partner.